My Words

I’m Biangeli. Writing is a formal, yet weird way of documenting information and expression- well at least compared to visual art. The process of writing an essay can be the most refreshing experience or the most daunting task depending on how interested I am in the essay topic itself. If the topic seems engaging, the essay will be proficiently completed by the deadline, while the latter will be benched until I remember the due date at 2:23 AM. Writing research papers tends to lie in the former. With the topic being of my choosing, my interest is high. But reading and analyzing fictional stories are also fine.

My history with writing assignments isn’t much to talk about. Either I’m interested or I’m not interested. When I had to write the subcultures I’m part of, it took quite a while to write which subcultures I’m currently active in. Art and video games will always stick with me, but I was going to write skateboarding because it’s a community I want to be part of, but my unused skateboard has been collecting dust in my bedroom since August. Thanks for the reminder, I guess.

For English 210, I will learn how to be an ethnographer; learn to gather sufficient information from various sources, and write from an insider’s and outsider’s perspective. I aim to articulate my findings and thoughts with peers in groups or pairs. I’ll take things slow and ensure my writings satisfy all requirements of the assignments. I selected this class because my major is psychology, which requires lots of reading and writing. And psychology is a social science. I have weaknesses in doing research papers. Sometimes I’ll Frankenstein a bunch of evidence of unrelated topics into my papers, not realizing my mistake until the day present the essay to others.